Friday, March 18, 2011

Wanted: Changemaker/Intern

Job Title: Changing the World- with a little bit of everything else thrown in

Job Summary: skills required

  1. Ability to change the world (clean the oceans, inspire others, inspire yourself, become a world recognized environmental leader)
  2. Educator: lead marine debris education programs at each tour stop
  3. Scientist: Help collect and collate marine debris data during Tour and research expedition
  4. Sailor: Help sail and stand watch on Rozalia Project's 60ft sailboat, American Promise, during the Tour
  5. Cook: Lead in meal preparation. Crew and guests will be responsible to help with prep, cooking and cleaning under your leadership.
  6. Voyage supply coordinator: Prepare menu, conduct provisioning of supplies
  7. Jack of all trades: We are a small organization, so from the founder/director downwards on any one day we can be found cleaning the toilet to driving ROV'S or up to our elbows in grease in the engine compartment. P.S. please do not be afraid of dirt, our mission is to pick up trash.
  8. Must like dogs as 2 of the crew members are Newfoundlands, Smudge and Hickory. They are super friendly and only eat the occasional small child.

Remuneration: $200/week plus bed, food (when on American Promise) and all the adventure, experience and dog you can handle.

Dates: June 22 – End of August (with opportunities to continue through the end of October).

Location: Starts in Albany, NY sailing down the Hudson, across Long Island Sound and along the New England Coast. See for full Tour Schedule.

Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to find and remove marine debris from our oceans, bays, rivers and waterways through action, technology, outreach and research.

The Rozalia Project Trash Tour 2011 is a multi-stop marine debris removal project. The tour will be conducted from Rozalia Project’s mothership American Promise, a 60’ sailing research vessel equipped with state-of-the-art, surface to sea floor trash hunting technology: 2 remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), side scan sonar, imaging sonar and an image enhancement system along with hand-held and towed nets used for surface and mid-water column marine debris collection. She is ready to implement and achieve Rozalia Project’s Trash Tour objectives:

  • Remove a projected 9.4 tons in approximately 29,550 individual pieces of marine debris from the environment
  • Educate and inspire a projected 5,000 people who will visit the boat or take part in dockside and onboard marine debris programs at community waterfront centers throughout NY, Long Island Sound and New England
  • Conduct the following scientific study: Using tidelines, convergences and eddies in the Eastern Maine Coastal Current (EMCC) to locate accumulation zones of marine debris

The tour will cover 1,765 nautical miles and 24,231 acres as we search and clean-up the marine environment.

For more information about Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean and the Trash Tour 2011 see or

Still interested and psyched to be part of an exciting project and adventure that will make a difference? Please send a letter, resume and references to:

Rachael Miller or James Lyne

Office: 802-767-3784

Mobile: 802-578-6120


  1. Hope you get a lot of volunteers and participants not just locally but from the world over. Something else that's related to your campaign is a video I saw on the GreenopolisTV YouTube channel. You should see it.

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