Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An extra happy holiday thanks to Kittery Point Yacht Yard

As we roll into the week before Christmas and the end of the year, we are thinking about all of the amazing people we have met, the incredible support we have received and relationships we have built with industry, corporate partners, waterfront organizations and individuals. All love the ocean, their lake, their river and all have made an effort to make it a better place.

Right now, one stands out. We just received the following Christmas email from Rozalia Project's partner and American Promise's homeport and expedition base, Kittery Point Yacht Yard. Tom, John, Chris and their team have made room for us on their docks, kept American Promise safe through Hurricane Irene and have now safely put her to bed for the winter.

The email starts like this:

A lovely card. But then, it goes on to say this:

This is inspiring. We are very grateful to work with an organization who, repeatedly, takes action to back up their commitment to a better environment. They are a certified clean marina, they have more than enough recycling bins that are right on the docks, their yard is immaculate. And they just gave up a Christmas party and presents to their staff in order to support the work we and the Gundalow are doing.

We are honored by this. It makes us double our resolve and we hope that, come this time next year, the hard-working staff at KPYY are proud to know that we did our best on their behalf. And that our Christmas/Hanukkah present to them may not be something you can hold, or put on a coffee table (well, you can hold what we pick up, but an old beer can or muddy old plastic bag may not be what they want on their coffee tables), but is a present of a cleaner ocean floor, a cleaner ocean surface, a whale habitat with less risk, information to further solutions to the problem and more than a thousand people (going for 2,000 next year) who will also make an effort and take action for a better environment.

Thank you Kittery Point Yacht Yard.

This is a sweet topping on an exciting year. We can't wait for more action, technology, outreach, research and strengthening/building relationships with all of our partners present and future.

Happy holidays to everyone.

For a Clean Ocean,

rzm, James and the whole Rozalia Project crew, Board, Advisors + Hickory and Smudge

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  1. Congratulations! That's great news and well deserved. Hope 2012 brings all the best for you!