Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rozalia Project Intern Blog: More time in and on the water than on land

Todays intern blog comes from Christian Adley, a Civil Engineering major at University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth who is a sailor, swimmer and whose fascination with marine life and desire to protect the ocean has led him to Rozalia Project.

There is something about being out on the water that just puts my mind at ease. I grew up in Milton Massachusetts which is seven miles south of downtown Boston where I have lived all of my life. Its perfect for me because it is one of the few towns in the area that has a town yacht club where I am helping my dad restore our Phillip Rhodes 25’ Seafarer Meridian. I also have a summer house in Hyannis Port on Cape Cod where during the summer there is a good possibility that I actually spend more time in and on the water then on dry land. I’m from a family of water lovers, I have three brothers and one sister where all of the boys in my family are lifeguards and my sister is looking forward to become one once she is old enough. I grew up sailing mostly small boats which makes it even more exciting to be spending some time on American Promise because this will be like uncharted waters for me.

My love and respect for the ocean started at young age with my obsession with marine life, I would swim off the jetty with my goggles and snorkel and see what cool aquatic life I could see. My favorite sea creature is the sea turtle which due to the abnormally warm water temperature on the cape last summer I managed to see in its natural habitat while sailing my Hobie Cat about a quarter mile off shore,  it was pretty amazing. Experiences like this are the reason why I want to help educate the public in ways to keep our ocean clean because I want everyone to be able to enjoy the true beauty of the ocean and all of its inhabitants.

The way that I view the ocean is that it is going to take a long long time until we have explored every inch of it and there seems to be so many more mysteries about it that need to be explored and if we pollute and continue to misuse in my opinion the world’s most important and fascinating natural resource that there is no going back. That is why I can’t wait to get started on showing people why the ocean is so amazing and what they can do to help keep it clean.

**RP note: the above video of the effect trash has on the wildlife on Midway Island is very upsetting (have a look before showing kids). Don't let it overwhelm you... Rozalia Project, our interns and more and more people are working on the problem of marine debris! You can learn more and join us to take action as virtual crew on American Promise! Check out

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